is Pakistan's 1st online Social Classifieds website. This platform will allow users / Businesses & Government entities to post ads along with the ability to instantly share with followers through our inbuilt social networking feature.

We are unique in what we do as we provide one complete platform for users to advertise not only to the traffic that is unknown to them but also pushing it in front of the audience that is known to them i.e. family, friends (followers), without having a need to use an external Social media platform. 

This platform is built truly to connect people locally; simply due to an instant reach to the known audience there is more opportunity for a user to find what he is looking for, by spending least amount of time. As online advertising is ever growing globally, we think there is a great scope in Pakistan for as a platform to bring small traders, businesses, and common skilful people to reach its local audience through this platform. Please follow our Facebook page for more information on our Services.